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Thread: New Parts in the Caddy Shop November 2016

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    New Parts in the Caddy Shop November 2016

    MK1 Golf / Caddy Front bumpers

    MK1 Golf / caddyWindow Winders (Genuine VW)

    MK1 Golf / CaddyFlag Mirror Base Gaskets (Genuine VW)

    Corrado Radiator Hose Connector Elbows with O ring (Genuine VW)

    Mk1 Golf / Caddy Steering Column Bearings (Genuine VW)

    MK1 Golf / Caddy "AH" Key Blanks (Genuine VW)

    MK1 Golf / Caddy Grill Section (Genuine VW)

    MK1 Golf / Caddy Clutch Pedal Bump Stop (Genuine VW)

    MK1 Golf / Caddy Door Hinge Pins

    Mk1, MK2 & MK3 VW Sumps

    MK1 Golf / Caddy TCA Bush Rear

    MK1 Golf / CaddyTCA Bush Front

    MK1 Golf / Caddy Front Hubs
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