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Thread: Classifieds, Commercial and Profitable Advertising Rules

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    Classifieds, Commercial and Profitable Advertising Rules


    1. Commercial, Entrepreneurial and Profitable Advertising is prohibited on this website, unless you are an official sponser or banner advertiser. Anybody found abusing this. will get their membership deleted & you will be blocked from using this site.
    2. If you are a company or an entrepreneur, and feel that you have new products that could be offered to the Caddy community via the SHOP then please contact me direct to agree terms.
    3. If you are a company and wish to advertise on this site then please see the "banner ads" section


    1. The Classifieds is there for the members to buy and sell Caddy and other USED VW products to help themselves & others along the way. DO NOT abuse the classifieds section and spoil it for others. There is a small charge to of £5 to advertise unless you have over 250 posts then its FREE, this charge helps pay to keep the forum online. Without this charge the website would not exist!
    2. If you blatantly try to increase you post count to avoid paying the £5 charge or you post for sale ads in other sections, you WILL be found out and banned from the site without warning!
    3. The products you are selling must be owned by yourself. i.e. Not your mate down the pub or elsewhere! If any member is found to be abusing this rule to avoid the other party paying the £5 to advertise, then all parties will be banned from using the classifieds without notice.
    4. ALL classified ads MUST have a price for the goods that are for sale, anyone listing goods with "offers" will find them deleted. NO PRICE NO AD!

    The £5 contributions received from the classifieds, help go towards the hosting and other costs to keep this website online, by breaking these rules you will be cheating every member of this community!

    Group Buys

    • NO Group buys should be organised on this site without written permission from myself. Group buys are only open to legitamate businesses or companies. This is for the safeguard of our users.

    Third Party Links
    • Linking to other websites of intrest is allowed if it benefits this site or its members. But if we find anyone repeatedly linking to another businesses who are not associated with this site or its sponcers it will be deemed as commercial advertising and it will be deleted and the offending member will be spoken to.
    • Linking to EBay or any other classifieds or auction sites is strictly forbiden! UNLESS, the items for sale are YOUR OWN and that you have suitable priveledgies to post in the classifieds section of this website.

    Classifieds Etiquette

    In the current economic climate you are more likely to be turned over by a seemingly trustworthy member! In these hard times the dregs of society come crawling out of the woodwork and are quite happy to rip another enthusiast off!

    Whilst will not be held responsible for any transactions carried out in the classifieds or otherwise, I have put together some pointers to stop you falling prey to one of these low-lifes.


    • Make sure you have payment in full before you release your goods
    • Paypal is the easiest and safest way to receive money so long as some simple rules are adhered to.
    • If you accept a cheque, make sure it clears into your account before sending the goods.
    • If you are dealing with the buyer face - face then only except cash only (preferably the transaction should take place at your bank so the money can be verified, but this is not always convenient or practical so use your head. Even your local shop can scan money to make sure its legit)
    • Don't send goods to an unsecured address registered with Paypal, regardless of the excuses or reasons to why this should be sent somewhere else. MAKE SURE ITS REGISTERED
    • Make sure you have the buyers details in full, ie, name address and land line number.
    • DO NOT presume that if the member has been on here 10 minutes or 10 years that they are safe to deal with!


    • DO NOT send payments as a gift, as these cannot be claimed back should the transaction go pear shaped! And the scumbags know it! Send payment as "Goods" and with a description of exactly what your paying for.
    • Make sure you have the sellers details in full before you send any money
    • Get pictures of what you are actually buying, and clarify what is included and what is not, and if any guarantee/warranty is offered.
    • Demand that parts are sent registered, signed for, and tracked, and that you get the tracking number as soon as they are sent.
    • DO NOT presume that if the member has been on here 10 minutes or 10 years that they are safe to deal with!

    The lists above are just for guidance, so please use your own common sense! Most members trading on this forum are 100% genuine, but this is no guarantee.


    Thank you for your cooperation & understanding

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above subjects you can contact me either through the PM service on this site or via email to
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