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Thread: BUGJAM 2019 Club Camping 25th-28th July AGM

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    BUGJAM 2019 Club Camping 25th-28th July AGM

    If anyone is interested in in attending Bugjam this year for the yearly meetup then let us know below.

    We need at least 10 VWs (preferably Caddy's but not essential).

    I will need to purchase the first 10 tickets in advance, so will need the money upfront from those who want to attend.

    The idea is to make BugJam the AGM meeting this year for a change of scenery

    With club camping you can get into Santapod on the Thursday if you wish.

    1. Al
    2. Jango
    3. Dub Monkey
    4. Dan Mellon
    5. Budda
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    I'm up for it. Caddy not ready so I'll have to bring my scirocco.

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    Anyone else up for this as I will have to book it soon

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