Berg arch kit new in box £220

2.5" turbo-back stainless exhaust side exit with two downpipes to fit t3 and ko3 turbo, can come with k03 turbo and manifold £200

aaz conrods x4 £10 each

Mtdi pump mount bored out to fit landie pump £60

Land rover 300tdi mtdi pump spares or repair £50

Agr block with crankshaft and flywheel £40

020 5 speed gearbox x2 £40 each

Aaz block and crankshaft £40

1.6td engine stripped of ancillarys cooked head lost all compression spares or repair £40

1.6d block crankshaft rods and pistons £40

Coolingmist water meth injection kit £120

1.6td Injection pump £40

1.6d injection pump £40

1.9td injection pump £40

Ahu block crankshaft with arp mainstuds and arp headstuds armoured sump, td pistons and head fitted

Ahu pistons x4 £10 each

TDI head £ 80

Will take offers on any of it, I'd rather someone get some use out of it than it sit around in the garage or get scrapped. Thanks