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Thread: K14 to k24 turbo swap AAZ

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    K14 to k24 turbo swap AAZ

    Hi Iíve picked up a k24 turbo from a mk2 golf gtd and was going to fit it to my aaz which has a k14 fitted I understood that the turbo should fit without to many problems. I know the oil return is different and thatís fine the problem Iím having is that the turbo hits the inlet manifold? Is this normal or have I missed something? There was also no gasket between the exhaust manifold and the old turbo? Again is this normal? The only thing I can think to do is make a spacer to move the turbo back a little? Any advice would be good thanks

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    I didn’t have a gasket with my k24, if you wanted I suppose you could make one from a thin piece of copper.

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