I found a early 2000's mini cooper with a great looking set of 7-hole phone dial rims with decent rubber for $140 from a local wrecker. Quick searching on the phone in the yard seems like the are the same 4x100 bolt pattern, but the bore and offset are not ideal. From what I can tell.... the hubcentric bore on the mini rims is 56.1mm. The mk1 caddy I have has a diameter of 57.1mm. Anyone ever mount a set or something same size? Know what mix of spacer help out the high offset? Knowing the difference between the hub diameter, better to just open up the rim? or spacer with a different sized lip and bore, front and back. Cheers.

Mini wheel dimensions are:
Size: 15x5.5
Lugs: 4
Bolt Pattern: 100mm
Offset: 45mm