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Thread: Friver's door exterior trim panel ?

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    Question Friver's door exterior trim panel ?

    DRIVER'S door!!!!!! D'OH! Following a break-in , the black trim panel on the rear vertical edge of the driver's- right side - door needs changing. I have looked at the parts diagram at a VW van center, and it is available to order. It shows a tab contraption on the glass-facing vertical edge, and lists 2 screws and 2 speednuts as fixings. The diagram does'nt bear much resemblance to what I see on the vehicle ,however. Any folks got an idea how this part may fix? It will be cheaper to fix it meself than claim off the thieving insures!! I can see no access for screws, and gently esing it with a trim tool does'nt feel too confidence - inspiring. either.
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