ok my nephew has just brought a 2011 caddy and since he has brought it he has had nothing but problems ... he as asked me to see if any1 can help or advise him ......
it started with random lights on the dash flashing doesn't seem to affect the driving so he as just learnt to live with them as we couldn't find the problem .. but now its not going into reverse he has changed the master/slave cylinder still not working. he kinda impulsed brought a donor salvage 63 plate caddy thinking it was the same.
the engine code in his caddy is cay and the gearbox is lzy
the donor caddy engine code is caye and gearbox mlt
the only visible difference between the 2 boxes is a sensor on the box ?
so my question is .....
Q1....so will the donor gearbox (mlt) fit on the caddy engine (cay)
Q2 or will the donor engine/box fit in the the other caddy

i know its maybe an impossible question but worth an ask
thx brad