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Thread: Pad for the pickup bed

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    Pad for the pickup bed

    I ran into these horse stall rubber mats as I was fixing a porch area in preparation for the coming winter. Thick and heavy and solid enough for horses to walk on, it will last in the bed of the pickup.

    At 4x6 feet it fills the bed pretty well. Had to cut a touch to get it fitted where the wheel arches are. Quiets the noise from the bed when driving on rough roads and seems to help on vibration and rattling. For me, a layer of insulation below the sleeping bag pad when I'm using the bed to nap in when out overnight.

    It is not lightweight and is unwieldy in handling. It sure does help on the knees as well when having to get into the back moving stuff around.

    No, I don't work for these guys. No association other than buying stuff from them.

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    That looks like a good find

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