Hello everyone

I’m new to the caddy but long time mk4&5 golf gti and r32 owner.

I bought this caddy I’m sure it’s a bls engine. It started to make a knocking like a canal boat. After reading info all over the place I’m sure it needs a new cam. Anyway the other day I did the EGR delete as it was full of crud. Then I did the tdi oven cleaner thing in the exhaust side of the turbo as the van had no power thinking this would cure the black smoke and low power. But it didn’t. It made it worse I had no power at all and it was chucking out so much black smoke it made my yard look like the end of the world was happening. So I was checking back lines and other bits while the van was running and I pulled off the actuator vac line and hey presto no more thick black smoke and I gain some power back not as much as I had but some. I can’t figure out what is up with it and I need it for work. The n75 is fine the actuator moves freely but when the vac line is connected it chokes the engine and I’m back to rough running clouds of black smoke.

Can someone please help me.