Hi all, new to the site and new to a VW Caddy. Got 2012 Maxi Life, 102 BMT C20 at auction (ex lease) with 133k. I knew I would have to do a few things (tyres) but the AA assured was clear on warning lights.

1st 30miles drove perfect, then amber flashing coil after 50, then EML, no limp mode so got home to scratch my head (80miles), Next morning DPF light on and after a drive to get a scan (non VAG Com) went into limp mode. Got 2 codes, nothing else, and nothing to show previous codes had been cleared ‘for the auction’.
P246E and P2463, could not clear codes, maybe due to the sensor or the DPF at the following readings;
Particulate Filter Soot Content Calc. 32.04g
Particulate Filter Soot Content Meas. 62.89g

Could not get ash content as it was non VAG scan

Anyway, after a very steep learning curve it seems EGT sensor 4 is faulty and needs new (local VW independent has this for repair), they checked wiring. And once this is working, they can then work on forced regen of the DPF and fingers crossed it’s clear.

I will also need to do the front nearside wheel bearing as I noticed a slight rumble on roundabouts going right.

- Do these EGT sensors slowly die, or just stop and a new one is needed (i.e. was it pure co-incidence it went 30miles after leaving auction)
- In the future, are they reasonable to change and should this be a 100% VW part (£130+VAT vs £70 on Europarts)
- Do those DPF levels worry others with experience or until the sensor is working, it’s difficult to know? I assume the sensor failed, and then the soot increased and then limp mode and DPF light
- From wheel bearing - reasonably ‘easy’ for home repair or any gotcha’s? What should I expect to pay if I got to independent? £200-250?

Many thanks for any advice. I’m trying to do a very quick scan to ensure I have not got a total dumper - has FSH and apart from the above, runs, pulls and drives really nicely and I’m thinking maybe it was just unlucky the sensor went.