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Thread: Caddy Rear Seat Conversion

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    Caddy Rear Seat Conversion

    I have not yet brought a caddy as I am waiting to sell my transport, but once it is sold I will be looking to buy a maxi either a panel van with the intention of doing a rear seat conversion or buy a maxi that is factory fitted with the rear seats.

    I am obviously keeping my eyes open on ebay, autotrader, etc, but I want to know how much it is going to cost to do the rear conversion?
    Also what companys do the conversion?

    thanks Dan

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    The conversion is fairly straight forward as long as you have a lot of fiddly parts.

    There's some more information here and here that might be of interest.
    If you can find a handy machine shop or a buddy good at welding I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad to get hold of the hardware. For seats any 6K platform Ibiza rear bench or Polo rear bench will do the job just fine and dandy (and be cheaper than a caddy!)

    Regarding windows, I have a set of rear windows (4 total) that I was going to put into my van, but now I'm not sure. I'd be willing to let go if you wanted them for yours
    Most caddies didn't come with full carpets into the rear under the seats (my Inca and Caddy didn't!!) Fortunately Ibiza and Polo floor carpets fit the bill well and are super cheap to get hold of!
    Caddy MK2 1.9 SDI (ALH swap incoming), Seat Inca 1.9 SDI, Static Polo Estate 1.9 TDI (AHU), Aired Golf MK4 1.9 PD130

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