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Thread: auto locking doors and auto folding mirrors

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    auto locking doors and auto folding mirrors


    I am new to this forum so excuse me if I pose these questions in the wrong place.

    I've just bought and received a new VW Caddy Maxi model 2018. Apparently this car has no auto door locking setting (when starting to drive, the doors lock when driving more than 15 km/h) and when locking the car with the remote, the electrical folding mirrors will not fold.

    I contacted the dealer about this but they claim this is normal. Since this is my first caddy I did not expect to run into this.

    Now my question is; is there a way to program that the doors auto-lock when starting to drive?

    And also is there a way to fold the mirrors when locking the car with the remote?


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    Auto lock on move and unlock on key removal can be enabled with VCDS.

    Auto folding mirrors with locking and unlocking can be enabled with VAG CAN PRO, but not on all models.
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