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Thread: Introductions and beginning of my caddy journey.

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    Introductions and beginning of my caddy journey.

    Hello everyone and greetings from Finland. I've been in a need for bigger hauler for some time, as my only car is VW Polo 6N, which is a great car but when you need to transport big loads it's bit limited, especially with no trailer hook. Not that the poor AEV-engine would be that happy to tow much, so i was looking around and fell in love with Caddy. Wanted mk1 golf but those were hard to find and had same problems as Polo, but Caddy was perfect. So I searched around and picked up this beauty.


    She had everything. Bed cover, trailer hook, everything original. Nobody ever did any modifications on her, not even a axel flip. Best thing it was brought year before i purchased her from Lapland to closer of southern Linland, so it had never seen salt on the roads. Bottom is as hard as it can be and never welded.

    On the bonus i got some spare parts!
    3 engines, where one is TD engine! (Sadly the turbo and exhaust manifold was missing)
    couple of gearboxes
    radiator with fan
    cluthc pack
    injector pump
    other small parts.

    Best of all, i scored the whole deal for 600€.(Other Caddies cost around 1000-1500€, usally in worse condition, no hook or bed cover and no spare engines) At the time of purchase she did not run because there were summer diesel in the tank and all the lines were frozen. Overnight inside in warm and filling the pump she started up like a champ.

    And there started my journey with the Caddy. About 52 workhours later she was mot checked and cleared to drive on the road again. I'll post more about the progress to get her on the streets, what improvements i have made and what i have planned for later.

    But this is a start.

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    Hello and greetings to you! Looks like a great base to build on. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your progress.

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    Looks like a bargain! Nice honest truck...

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    Welcome Jorgga - looks like you need a damn good heater in that truck

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickw View Post
    Welcome Jorgga - looks like you need a damn good heater in that truck
    Yup, propably need to remove the second seat and put a stove there and chimney through the roof.

    Wasn't many problems with the Caddy when i got it. Some rust on the bed (expected) and later noticed leaking distribution head seal from the injection pump.

    Also slight wobble from the CV joint. Nothing major.

    Whole inside was covered with sound isulation, except the passenger door for whatever reason.

    Everything was removed from the wobbly side.

    New outer cv joint.

    New bearing.

    Everything done, and while i was at it i also replaced brake pads and rotors. So nice and shiny.

    Later also had to do rear brakes, as they did not pass the mot check on the right side. But i guess here is the reason.

    Some work for the bed. Removing the rusted holes.

    photo_2018-05-06_19-21-33 (2).jpg
    After welding all the holes. It sure looks ugly, but will last till i get whole new bed somewhere. It will also be covered from views by a veneer.

    Also nearly all parts for the windhield washers were missing. But i got the bigger tank with car. There used to be smaller tank originally, so i had to move the mount from the left side to the right and extend the cables. All new hoses and spray nozzles for the windshield. Also renewed the hoses going to the headlight nozzles.

    Back lights were working funny, so i checked for them. The contacts where the cable is supposed to meet with the metal strip were nearly all corroded so i had to disassemble the lamp holders and solder wires directly on them.
    Still need to deal with those wire splicing plastic thingymajigs properly. They are for the trailer lights.

    After all much work. She was ready for the mot check and then on the road.

    Total cost of everything to get to this point was about 1400€, which is less than some of the Caddies are on for sale.

    Next up some quality of life improvements i did, and then i'll try to keep the thread updated as i do more.
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