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Thread: Front end replacemnt

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    Front end replacemnt

    I recently picked up an 82 caddy. It was involved in a front-end collision and some point. I also have an 85 Cabriolet that has a good front end on it. I was curious if anyone could give me guidance if there was a series of spot welds I could cut in order to replace the front end of the truck with the front end of the Cabriolet or if there is an area that people normally cut and graft. Thanks for any help. 20180529_200308.jpg20180527_132057.jpg

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    Collision shops seem to like just in front of the shock towers generally. I'm guessing because that way they mostly stay out of the structural support for the suspension. Which seems a good idea to me.
    I was going to do this myself. Not because mine is wrecked, I just wanted to swap over to round headlights. I found and bought the entire front clip (cut in front of the shock towers) off a '91 Cabriolet. Come to find out IT had been wrecked and knocked out of square. Repaired half-assed it wasn't evident in the junkyard or I wouldn't have bought it. I put it behind my garage and on the back burner. Plan B is to drill/cut spot welds and remove the relevant sheet metal to paste onto my existing (straight) front end structure.

    Sorry I'm no help but do bring that thing back to life. It looks well worth saving.

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