Hi! My car insurance is getting onto expiring and I'm looking to buy a new car. Currently I have a BMW 125i 5 door hatchback, but quite often I find it's just not big enough to carry everything I want it to. My first consideration is a 2016 Caddy. I love driving the 125i and I know the Caddy won't have the same driving style, being a van and all, but what are the most poweful varieties of the facelift MK3s? I'm happy to sacrifice speed for space but I know I'll miss the 125i so want something to fill that hole when it's gone :P

My only concern is selling the BMW - I PCP financed paid it off totally so I now own it - but will it be counted as taxable income when it's sold? I'm a little concerned how all that works so could use advice. I've checked out this salary tool which has helped but just can't work it out. Can someone point me in the right direction?