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Thread: Mk1 Caddy - AHU Build

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    Does anyone know the part numbers for a shorter belt and pulley to delete the mk3 PAS pump?

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    Nice Caddy you have there

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    The caddy has progressed a bit now.

    The 1.6 petrol has come out, generally that was not too much of a battle thankfully.

    The 1.9TDi AHU engine was stripped down out of the donor. Sad times, it's been such a reliable workhorse:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 01.jpg

    The engine out and back cover exposed before it was cut to expose the holes for the new mk1 engine mount:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 02.jpg

    Removed the the PAS pump, belt, pulley etc, new cambelt kit, back cover trimmed to fit the new mk1 engine mount:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 03.jpg

    Trimmed the plastic cover around the mk1 engine mount:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 04.jpg

    Fitted the O2A gearbox conversion mount to the back, bit fiddly finding some suitable allen key bolts as it was so tight to the gearbox (though later found a bag of bolts in the box of goodies that came from Retrofication that I think were for this purpose - whoops):
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 05.jpg
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 06.jpg

    In the engine went, generally quite smoothly:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 07.jpg

    Found a problem that the oil filter was much larger on the mk3, and it left no space to be able to get it out in the future. The engine was lifted up again and the mk1 oil filter was put on what was smaller:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 08.jpg

    Other mk1 conversion gearbox mount, generally a great kit:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 09.jpg

    Mk3 hose trimmed to get the heater matrix pipework to fit in the mk1:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 10.jpg

    Petrol taken out the mk1, and diesel replaced:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 11.jpg

    More trimming of the mk3 hoses to connect to the mk1 reservoir:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 12.jpg

    Various bit of other bits connected up, and this is how it sits at the moment.
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 13.jpg

    Used the retrofication kit ready for the hydro clutch. The how to guide was very useful:
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 14.jpg

    Couple of questions you guys might know?...

    There seems to be two options for the coolant reservoir pipe - is one better that the other? Or just take a pick and black off the other?
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 17 (Coolant Pipe).jpg

    I'd like to use the original intercooler pipework to keep it looking like a factory install - this leads both pipes to the right of the radiator, and I have bought an intercooler that will suit. There isn't much space though between the radiator and battery to get the pipes past? Has anyone welded in a new battery tray at 90 degrees to create more space? Someone else I met was using a much smaller battery from a Suzuki Jimny on an AAZ conversion which was starting up ok?
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 15 (Intercooler & Bat).JPG

    What route have been taken their O2A cables back? Is it better through the firewall, or beneath?
    2018.08.11 - Engine Swap 16 O2A Cable Route.jpg

    Still a way to go, but the mk3 is now scrapped and more space freed up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hgiblin View Post
    Does anyone know the part numbers for a shorter belt and pulley to delete the mk3 PAS pump?
    For others benefit... turned out different belts are not needed.

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