Hi all,

I know this may be somewhat sacrilegious to some but i have a caddy sport, and its just too low for me, I dont know if its lowered or on stock gti springs, but the suspension needs an overhaul regardless, so i thought it might be fun to beef it up a bit if possible, add some slightly bigger tyres. nothing crazy, but ive seen a few cool looks in t`internet that really appeal.

so the question is how. since i have no idea what a stock standard caddy sits like (it may actually be plenty high enough), if anyone has a bone stock one, id love to see a pic of its ride height.

rears are no issue, blocks or shackles, would do it.

fronts, ive read a number of theories online, but never seen anyone go through with them and report the results, the main two being porsche 944 struts, and cabriolet springs in the caddy setup. any more ideas? or has anyone tested these or know anoyone who has?

are cabrio springs longer/stiffer than stock caddy?

i`m not getting into anything fancy, if i cant find a reasonably priced, bolt on solution i`ll just go stock standard caddy.