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Thread: 2K 2011 Maxi Cruise control?

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    2K 2011 Maxi Cruise control?

    Anyone retro-fitted cruise to a 2011 Caddy? I have it on my Octavia ,it was only £150 option , but had to be installed at build. As I use it a lot ,it was a no-brainer , and a good deal when a sunroof was about an £800 option , for something that is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I don't dash about in me daily drivers, that's wot me Corvette's for , and so setting it at 60-65 gets me into the high 70's -low 80's per gallon , and that pleaseth me much ,my lords. Is this a royal pain on these years? Some have hinted it may be so , but I'm hoping they were just saying so tho try and soft-soap me for a price bump . The Caddy has the 7-speed DSG , if that helps.

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    Yes is can be done quite easily, its just a case of a new switch and a reprogram of the control module.

    But ome modules are basic and do not have the facility for cruise, but you will need to find out the part number to know, this you can get off of it physically (fixed to the underside of the column), or by plugging into VCDS or similar. Alternatively im sure your local specialist could do it for you.

    In some cases you will need to run a wire from the module to the ECU, which is easier than it sounds. Generally the higher spec of your Caddy from factory, the likelyhood everything is in place for just a new switch & a re-program

    We keep the switches in stock as it is quite a common mod

    More info on the module required and programing on the VCDS website
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    will get into removing the column csing as soon as I can and check the module part number sticker if it's there. Will post findings at some point. Might be a while........

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