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Thread: DVLA change of engine

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    DVLA change of engine

    Thought I post my experience on changing the engine in my caddy.

    I bought a seat Ibiza to harvest the engine from.

    So I sent the correct forms for the engine change along with the change of ownership v5 for the ibiza to the local scrappy.
    As well as this I included a bill of sale for the Ibiza. I was hoping thus would prove I owned the engine.

    I included a letter explaining that the engine from the Ibiza was going in the caddy. And the Ibiza shell was to be scrapped.

    The DVLA sent me a standard letter saying that basically send proof I own the engine along with the caddy V5.

    And as well the DVLA didn't send the V5 back to me.(that arrived a week later).

    By this time I had sent a second letter to the DVLA. This letter had a fake invoice I created for the sale and fitting of the engine to the caddy. And an explanation that the DVLA had not sent my V5 for the caddy back.

    The invoice had a fake business and address, fake telephone numbers, fake VAT number. Made up costs and work descriptions.

    However I took the format from a local garage invoice I had.

    At this point I gave up..... And waited....

    Two weeks later... one fresh V5 for the Caddy with the new engine details on it.
    Finally sorted.

    So the moral is if you want to change the engine in a vehicle. Create a fake invoice and lie. It's the easiest way.

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    You can’t lie to the authorities

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    Just a few years ago they would change the info, just by filling in the back of the V5

    Then they changed it to wanting either an invoice for the engine OR a receipt from a garage who did the work

    Now they seem to want both!

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