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Thread: August 19th 2018 Caddy Club Stand @ London Cartel Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuus View Post
    Need yourself a working Caddy now Al
    I'll buy a £500 shitter

    Quote Originally Posted by Elroy View Post
    Why aren’t all these 18 on the forum or have they in the past?
    From Facebook mate, may be forum members but I have no idea

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    now upto 22! Just like the good old days

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    17. Caddyshack - Puegeot 205 4x4 Cosworth

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig... View Post
    17. Caddyshack - Puegeot 205 4x4 Cosworth
    Ta da here it is details can be found on Als retrofication website
    Life is just a game we play!!

    My build

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