Many of you will be aware that the forum was hacked some time ago, and has subsequently been blacklisted by Google, Facebook & Safari (and maybe others that im not aware about).

The above totally destroyed the traffic coming to the forum (SEO) along with some other small issues, so I was just about ready to throw in the towel after nearly 15 years of us being online as it was doing my head in!

Well today is good news, I found a really good PHP developer through another VB forum who was familiar with the forum software that we use. He has gone through all the issues and corrupted files in the back end of the forum and sorted them out, he has also altered files so that we will no longer be vulnerable to hackers. This has all happened over the last couple of days but you wouldn't have noticed any outwardly differences as its all in the background!

On top of the above, the following known issues have been sorted:

1. No one has been able to register in a long time as we had to close registration due to spam bots, this has now been rectified so that we can take on new registrations without the fear of getting bombarded with fake bot generated users.

2. Upload files issue, you may have noticed this issue when trying to link pictures from another website? Well this is now working, so that if you do link a picture from another website and then that picture or website dies. The picture will remain on this website regardless.

3. To help generate traffic and try and get everyone back on the forum from facebook, a social media plugin has been added to the site. This means that users will be able to login to the forum using their social media login details. I have only setup Facebook at the moment, but its not currently working due to the website URL being banned from Facebook just now. But I have contacted them so hopefully that will be sorted before long. So it will be interesting how that works out!

Once things are sorted and back to normal with the browsers & search engines etc. I will look a freshening the site layout up a bit which will also help mobile phone / Ipad access