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Thread: V5/vr5 aqn into mk1 engine conversion

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    V5/vr5 aqn into mk1 engine conversion

    Right folks looking at possible engine conversions, was thinking about going 1.8t but prefer the drive characteristics of NA, quite fancy the AQN V5 engine, asked on the mk1 owners club with little feedback on the swap, mainly I would like to know about the sump as I've heard it's extremely low when in the mk1 (Run fairly low but on air) or is this people trying to put me off

    Next is gearbox, which gearboxes are suitable, are there any 6 speed options? If so hat do I do about keeping standard speedo etc

    As far as fitting goes I think I've got my list pretty much complete as follows

    Gti lifter and fuel pump
    Engine mount kit from retrofication/just caddys
    Corrado VR6 rad
    100mm shafts
    DBW pedal conversion
    Hydro clutch conversion from retrofication/just caddys
    Mk4 shifter etc
    1.3 speedo cable (Presuming I use an early 02J)
    280mm brake adapters and rado discs/calipers etc
    OEM ecu with immo defeat and loom spliced into the CE1 loom
    Corrado/Mk2 gti downpipe flange (probably get a stainless one machined)
    Mk1 gti downpipe or stainless version off it!

    Is that pretty much it? I'd like to have everything I could possibly need and get the job done well physically in and then I can work on thenloom in my own time!

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    Awesome build answers a lot of my questions! Sounds like the ccm box is a winner too! still no one answering the sump clearance question! Any info would be great!

    Anyone on here do the necessary ecu immo and sensor deletes?

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    The sump was never an issue for me, but its all relative to how low you go! Even std 1.6's smash their sumps when they are to low!

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