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Thread: ***Hosting Pics on the Forum*** (What you need to know)

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    ***Hosting Pics on the Forum*** (What you need to know)

    Ok so some of you are aware and some are not. So please read carefully.

    Some of you use the likes of photobucket or similar to host there pictures. THIS IS A BAD IDEA as some of you have found out to your detriment!

    Forums and your content is ruined due to the use of 3rd party picture uploaders for many reasons, and there is nothing worse than looking through someones build thread and all the pics have gone! This will be due to either the user has closed there account or deleted their pics, or indeed if the posting company changes the address path!

    THIS forum has a very good picture uploader which is if anything easy to use than any other 3rd party uploaded, also you will be guaranteed that all your pics will remain the same and in the correct place.

    So you dont know how you ask????

    Well if you are starting a new thread then just scroll down a bit and you will see a button "Manage Attachments". If you are replying to a thread then click on "Go Advance" on the bottom right, you will now be able to scroll down and see "Mangage Attachments"

    Once the Attachments page opens wait for it to load.

    1. To add a picture then click on "Add Files"

    2. Then click on "Select files"

    3. You will now be able to choose the photo or photo's of your choice from your computer

    4. When you have selected your pics click "Upload"

    5. Once uploaded make sure the check box is ticked

    6. Now click "Insert Inline" and then "Done"

    Now if you preview your page you will see the pic and be able to position it where you wish


    Once you have done 1 or 2 its very easy

    Please use this thread to practice if you wish.


    Once you have uploaded a few pics this way, you can then click on "Manage Attachments" to search through your pics so that you can then easily use them in other threads

    Example from a previous thread

    Doing it this way makes everything much easier and neater

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    Have put the thread into the "how to" section so its easier to find. I will add pics to it when I get time

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