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Thread: Vibration on acceleration and slowing at many speeds?

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    Vibration on acceleration and slowing at many speeds?

    Have teh 82 Diesel pickup. Put in a new drive shaft on the drivers side. Has been in about a month and I am noticing a definite vibration on acceleration and slowing. It isn't there slow but when accelerating it shows up. Then I get to more RPM's and it stops as things smooth out. 5 speed transmission and in 4th gear it stops at just over 50mph and is nice and smooth.

    Put in neutral and turn off engine and feel no vibration.

    I changed the drive shaft as the boot was shredded (driving through corn and sunflower harvested fields with a lot of stalks sticking up did it) and the new one felt nice and smooth after installing. MAY have been vibrating but my driving was a lot of gravel roads so don't really know - can't tell on them because of the road surface. Going to town a week ago I noticed it.

    Drive shaft the culprit, maybe? Other things it may be?

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    You got a anti roll bar fitted? Could be exhaust system either hitting that or the chassis. That always makes a terrible noise

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