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Thread: Caddy maxi 2k facelift rear footwell cover removal

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    Caddy maxi 2k facelift rear footwell cover removal

    Hi all, was wondering if anybody had removed the cover plate on the maxi that covers the footwell for the second row of seats. Is it easy enough to grind off and remove or will there be all sorts of faffing and missing? Was hoping to use it as storage space on a light camping conversion.

    Thanks in advance

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    H iwolfy240 ,I have removed mine on my ex british gas caddy maxi,its quite easy if you have the rite tools mate ,I bought a spot weld drill kit and it made the job very easey, the kit comprised of a centre locater pin with a screw on cutting blade, you have to centre punch the spot weld ,the pin sits in the punch dent and you drill away the weld but don't push too much as you can go through the two plates , I removed the cross bar support that runs across the back of front seats as I'm fitting rear row of seats.

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