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Thread: Project Originality

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    Haven't done huge amounts to the Caddy since last update. I bought a MK3 VR6 at the start of spring, spent a lot of time cleaning it, replacing little broken pieces and doing general maintenance on it since it had been sat for a while prior to my ownership. I sold that a couple of months ago and since then spent the majority of my spare time has been spent on my daily Lupo Sport.
    Anyway back to the Caddy, as above haven't done much, I cleaned the canopy at the start of the year to remove most of the grime.
    But this week, I gave it another clean using some wet and dry to remove the black marks. You may also spot that I have some brackets for the back window too.
    I have started to sort rear bumpers, got them all broken down and made up a good set. Just have one bracket to finish straightening, or may find another as it has a pretty awkward additional bend in it.
    The tow hook that I got for the rear was square at the bottom and over hung the bottom of the rear panel. So I cut a triangle out of each side so it now looks like it belongs. Not sure if I’m going to use it but will probably send bumpers for shot blasting, and maybe powder coat, so can get it all done at once.
    Now plans for the winter, as a minimum I am going to:
    * Get the MOT done at the end of November.
    * Do an oil, filter and sump gasket change.
    * Paint some bits black, mostly sprayed but might send some bits off for powder coat.

    Will probably end up doing a lot more, I'm just not sure what yet.

    (unsure why pictures haven't gone very big)
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