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Thread: 99 Wolfsburg MK3 3.2 6speed swap

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    99 Wolfsburg MK3 3.2 6speed swap

    Picked this car up in FL back in April, it is a 99 Wolfsburg with a 2.0 5 spd, it is a nice clean shell with a nice interior.
    I hit up a few u-pulls in FL and gathered up some of the Cabrio 3.5 bits, instrument cluster and switches, to give it the blue and red instrument lights and switch lighting.
    I bought a 04 GLI a month ago from a salvage auction expecting to find a 2.8 engine in it for a swap, someone had replaced the engine with a 3.2

    So this weekend I started to swap it over to the 3.2 6 spd, I started with pulling the engine/trans, wiring harness, downpipe, shifter and anything else I thought I might find useful for the swap from the 04 GLI.
    I have picked up the Stance Dubs wiring harness to make the wiring a little simpler, also picked up a magnaflow cat back exhaust, new drilled rotors, all new mounts and a VR6 engine bracket, new VR radiator and so on.....

    I will be swapping to the 5 bolt hubs without going to the + suspension, I have picked up the 5 bolt hubs and have 2 choices, I have a pair of spindles which have been machined for MK4 1.8T brakes to work on and I also
    bought drilled/vented discs for the 4 bolt hubs and may drill them to 5 bolt and keep the stock spindles.

    Only thing I have not got figured out is the axles, I spoke with a local machine shop and they told me they would try and machine the axles to the length I need. From the info I can find the stock 6spd axle should work for
    the drivers side and passenger side needs to be shortened, will do some measuring once eng/trans are in place.

    On to what has been done so far.......

    some of the parts collected.

    the original setup.

    something I found when I started to tear the car down.......

    exhaust off, heat shields off, shifter removed, fluids drained, axles removed, etc.

    more of the tear down.

    engine bay cleaned up and ready to start work on.

    modifying the MK4 shifter to work, really pretty simple to do, started by modifying the mounting holes a little, then made a very simple bracket, and it bolted right in.

    the only issue is this piece rubs on the edge of the shifter opening, so I trimmed it very slightly, rather then cutting into the tunnel/opening for clearance.

    Shifter in and mounted.

    Finished for the day, shifter cables hanging and Hydraulic clutch master cylinder in.....

    I had to drop the subframe,

    cut the cup for the transmission mount off the subframe

    bolted the cup to the new mount set the subframe in place and tacked the cup in place,

    removed the subframe, installed the heat shields, downpipe then welded the cup to the subframe and put it back in place.

    installed the engine.

    I also polished up the centers for my RXII's that will be going on it.......

    next was to sort out the wiring.....

    I managed to mount the new rad so I could plumb some new hoses and work the A/C lines.
    I bought new control arms, steering rack boots, sway bar links and installed them. Then I started on the tedious work of the wiring harness.

    I separated the 2.0L engine harness from the stock MK3 harness, retaped the MK3 harness. The engine from the MK4 had a 2.8 harness
    so the wiring did not lay properly on the 3.2 engine, mostly just the wiring for the coil packs was not right. I had a good portion of a 3.2 harness
    that had been cut from another car and spliced the wiring for the 3.2 coil packs.

    I was part way through the job when I started to take some pics.

    and the Stance Dubs swap harness.

    Next I will be tearing it apart and removing the intake manifold and valve cover to paint them.

    It runs

    MK4 1.8T front discs installed on 2.0L spindles, the carriers were milled for proper offset.

    Tires for the RXII's

    I cut the pedal support for the DBW out of a MK4, I am going to drill out the spot welds and separate the pedal support bracket, it uses the same bolts as the brake booster.
    not 100% sure the studs from the brake booster are going to line up but look very similar, I'll have to use a rivnut for the right hand bolt hole.

    Finished polishing one of the RXII's

    Test fit, tomorrow I'll be cleaning up and painting the MK4 GLI front calipers and installing them.

    I drilled out the spot welds and separated this piece of the MK4 pedal support and it fit onto the MK3 brake booster studs,, then I marked and drilled a hole for the
    3rd hole on the right side and used a rivnut, the throttle pedal bolted in perfectly. Lines up with the stop on the floor but the stop is a little too short, I'll have to adjust or lengthen the stop a little.

    I cleaned up the MK4 GLI calipers painted and installed them.

    Too much bling? Not sure if I like the wheels or not, kind of wanted to go for the stock/sleeper look.

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    I like the RX2's but don't think they suit the car and what I am trying to do, I ordered a new set of Long Beaches from VW, I have always liked them and think they will look better then the RX2's.
    I do have a 2nd set of RX2's I could swap the centers and try them, but think I will leave them as they are and use them on one of my other vehicles.

    I had the axle shortened, had a new line made up for the A/C, from the compressor to the condenser, needed to be 3" longer now it fits perfect.

    I removed the intake and valve cover and gave them a coat of base/clear in reflex silver and put it back together, filled all the fluids and played with it in the parking lot, works well and think it will be a fun car.

    Now I just need to tidy up the engine bay a little more and make something for an intake tube.....

    Finished up the 5 lug conversion with a rear brake job also installed SS braided lines, new ebrake cables, mounted the tires and wheels, installed some H&R springs.

    Ordered some tires to go on the Long Beaches when they arrive. All that is left is to go over it and check everything, clean up under the hood etc. Oh, and get the A/C working.

    Finished up the intake and filter.

    Just sorting out the A/C and cruise control, new wheels and tires arrived.

    new long beaches from VW.....

    and some new rubbers.....

    Long Beaches on....

    Think I need a little less wheel gap to pull these off properly.....

    Now back to the Caddy project....

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    that's really nice. spot on, nice to see a mk4 without some over the top wheels. love it

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