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Thread: February POTM Entries

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    February POTM Entries

    Hello all

    Apologies for the delay in setting these up - many things going on with me, not all good... Hope you have lots of photos to submit!

    Post your entries here...

    POTM entry rules

    1. The picture you provide must be at least 800 x 600px in size
    2. Your submission must be of a VW Caddy, or other VAG car
    3. The image you take must be a picture of a vechicle you own
    4. You must own the image. You cannot enter a photo someone else has taken of your caddy
    5. The image you take CANNOT be photoshopped. You can enhance the image by colour blends and alike but you cannot cut your caddy out and place it on top of another background i.e. you can’t submit a image of your caddy on the roof of the white house
    6. You can only enter ONE picture a month
    7. Each month means a new picture, you cannot re-submit an image you have already entered into POTM.
    8. Once a image has been chosen as the ‘winner’ of POTM it cannot be entered again
    9. If by the time the poll comes round your photo link is broken or no long available, it will not be accounted for
    10. No owner can vote for their own image
    11. Image must be taken within the month of question.
    12. Any suggestions for next months theme can be made in the comment thread or pm'd to me

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    I'll Start things off:

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