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Thread: Nobug's 77 Rabbit Callaway stage 2

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    Nobug's 77 Rabbit Callaway stage 2 (very pic heavy)

    Very original car with 34,000 miles on it.
    Will be keeping it basically stock with a few minor improvements.

    It came with:
    Work wheels and 195-40-14 tires
    European chrome bumpers
    Eibach front strut bar
    FK coilovers
    Gold & wood momo wheel

    Nothing definite for plans, but will probably include:
    Replace door panels and ditch speakers in door, maybe install door pockets.
    Some new rubber for the RM’s so I can switch it up once in a while.
    Working on getting some brand new Happich pop outs, new in the box (never opened)
    When I get it home I will have to look it over and maybe do some touch ups and a good detailing....
    I might ditch the FK’s and source some stock suspension, with lowering springs.
    Install a lower K bar.

    working on picking these up, always wanted a set, and always wanted something to put them in

    Seems like everything that is advertised for these MK1's is Uber Rare, Obsolete, NLA, Mint etc.
    Thus people want big $$ for any of these parts :roll:

    Just picked up a few not so common bits 8O

    Chrome tow hook for the small euro chrome bumper.....

    A SCAT valve cover

    AND I have been looking at starting a collection of these figurines/collectibles. But this gave me even more of a reason to start. :lol:

    So a few parts arrived from the UK yesterday, and I put a deposit on a set of Happich pop outs for the Rabbit, will be picking up the windows in Philly on our way home from down south.

    The window kit is NOS, with a few pieces robbed from the kit. Nothing serious, 1 seal and the latches, from what I have read there are different latches that work and the original latches were a weak point in the setup, a few different styles of seals are available for them also

    Yes a NOS Callaway turbo with every part needed for installation, only thing missing is the valve cover, might need to sell the SCAT valve cover and find a Callaway one.

    So, the Callaway kit was complete except for a valve cover, found one today and managed to buy it, now the kit is 100% complete

    Transport showed up with 4 boxes

    The day I picked it up in Florida....

    Pics were posted up from the TOD, these guys setup and snap pics of all the cars and bikes going thru....
    I will have to buy the set of them. These are just low res images from the site....

    Started some work on it, adjusted coils, installed wheels, cleaned it, tomorrow the windows, turbo should be here next week

    Cleaned up the valve cover

    From this

    To this

    Doing some cleaning.....

    Unpacking the NOS Callaway turbo kit 8O 8O 8O

    I got a little quality time with the bunny
    I wanted to get a few pics of everything all together, I have a few already but there no exhaust in the pics

    I pulled the car in last night, put it up on stands and removed the exhaust. All I can say is WOW!
    34 years old and it was like working on a 2010 once you crack a nut or bolt loose, even on the exhaust I could usually spin them off with my fingers. EGR pipe came off with no issues.

    More to come.....
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    Wow. This is going to be more amazing then it already is...

    BBS are very typical and common, that's my only downside

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    This is going to be another level

    Looking forward to seeing the progress.

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    So I managed to get exhaust manifold on, turbo mounted (for a test fit) and to clock it.
    Intercooler and piping situated, this is just a mock up, I will be taking it apart and doing
    The head gasket, cam and stud kit when they arrive first of the week.

    Hope to fit the exhaust, oil cooler and microfueler. Then tear it down and wait for parts to arrive

    I got the oil cooler installed.

    Got the exhaust on and lined up, shouldn't hit anywhere....
    It even comes with a little chrome tip

    The simpler times
    Without all the electronics and crap like what is on the newer cars. I was able to have the head off the car in 25 minutes from start to finish.

    Now just waiting on a few parts to put it back together.

    While waiting on a few parts, I decided to do a little cleaning and waxing
    yea, I waxed the firewall and engine bay, made up a heat shield to protect brake and fuel lines from the heat off the turbo.....

    So it is now complete, thinking on adding a BOV or a diverter.....

    Works awesome

    Just picked these up.....

    ordering a few more odds and ends

    Tried to touch-up 37 year old paint, didn't match good enough for me, got pissed because I wanted to try and keep the original paint, but there was too many dents, dings and scratches. Stripped it and started sanding should be ready for paint by wed.

    Products being used......


    Base coat

    Few more parts came in, 2 new fuel lines, new side markers and a Momo knob too suit the Momo wheel a little better.

    Clearcoat on....

    one side completed and back together.......

    needs to be thoroughly detailed.....

    So, after one drive, I definetly have to do something with the wheels, they rub too much.

    So I started to polish the new lips that I took off the RS' I built for the caddy. They were new wheels so the lips are in good shape just need to be stripped, some wet sanding 400 - 800 - 1000- 1500 and then some polishing.

    Looking pretty good so far, one down three to go.......

    I got 2 of the lips done so I thought I would try them out and check how the fit......

    Definetly a lot less poke, may even be able to go a little lower.
    Maybe get some travel back in the suspension also.

    What they were like with the 2" lips

    Stock 1/2" lips

    Sooooo, I had a problem getting the lips to seal, so I took them apart and re-did them, polished them again, cleaned them up and put them back together. Will mount the tires in the morning and hope they are good to go....

    The fuel lines were bastardised, so I bought all OE parts to put it back the way it should be.....

    The Gold coloured bolt lists for $140.00, has a check valve inside of it.
    I thought ARP crank bolts were expensive :lol:

    All 4 wheels are done and on. Was able to lower it a little more and get a better ride out of the suspension.

    Working on a 5spd conversion, it needs

    1st ----- 2nd -----3rd ------4th----- 5th----- final drive
    3.45----1.94---- 1.37---- 1.03---- 0.85 ---- 3.67
    3.45----1.94---- 1.29---- 0.97---- N/A ---- 3.89

    4 spd @ 3500 rpm = 60.46 mph
    5 spd @ 3500 rpm = 73.13 mph

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    I wanted to polish the case but after cleaning it up I realised it would be near impossible. So I cleaned it and painted the cases.

    New gaskets and seals within the next few days then I can finish putting it together, all the gears and syncros are in perfect condition, even reverse has no chipped teeth.

    I can't believe how bad it looked before with the 2" lips :lol:

    picked up a few more things for the 5 spd conversion

    still looking for a couple pieces

    Almost done.....

    Complete except for a mount and the 4spd mount is different

    Made up a weighted shift rod, put a piece of square tube over it and filled it with lead, gives it a much better feel......

    Also drilled a hole lower on the selector lever, makes for much shorter shifter travel.....

    All the linkage parts are new, different between the 4 & 5 spd

    When I picked up the tranny mount today I spotted this, it will give me a tach and temperature gauge. As it is the Rabbit has a speedometer and a fuel gauge that is it, the oil & temp are just lights and no tach

    5 spd conversion is all done. short shift and weighted linkage works excellent.

    Finished it last night, took it for a little test drive, then washed and waxed it ready for a little sunday cruise.....

    I have been putting some time into the Rabbit, detailing, cleaning and fixing a few things, getting ready for thursday

    Wasted almost a whole day polishing the chrome trim on the grille, can hardly notice it :lol:

    One thing I fixed was my alternator leak :lol:
    That's right, my alternator had a leak in it........
    Whenever it warmed up something would run out of the back of the alternator and run down over the waterpump, almost like a glue.

    Found out it was some kind of resin/shellac or something along those lines that they filled the voltage regulator with. Cleaned it all out and replaced it with silicone.

    I wasn't happy with a few blemishes that were on the hatch, so off it came and resprayed...... looks much better

    Just got home from Waterfest, Rabbit worked awesome with only a few minor issues, one being that we lost our alt. belt, Massachusetts State Troopers gave me a lift to an auto parts store about 10 miles away and back again, awesome riding around in the back of a troopers car........

    The other issue was I lost the tip off of my exhaust somewhere, I thought I ran over a pop can, till a little while later we noticed the car had got a little louder. Picked up a Magnaflow tip for it @ Pep Boys...... :lol:

    The Rabbit won 1st place in it's class at Waterfest 17, though there was not a lot of vehicles in the class I was in, a dozen cars maybe.

    Here are a few pics I found online from the waterfest show.

    Installed some new Hella headlights c/w city lights and Silverstar Ultras.
    I use the city lights for DRL when I think of it.......

    I picked up a new AM/FM/CD deck for the car, it also has front USB, so I picked up this little guy, it is a usb drive...... :lol:
    His head is the drive and it plugs into the body for storage.....

    Pics from H20 I have found online ......

    New BBS E76's purchased for the Bunny. Again I thought I would be lucky just to find a set, but to find new ones......

    Now I just need to find some 195/40/14 tires for them......

    Wheels arrived today, no duties or taxes :lol:
    I weighed a wheel..... 10lbs
    or for those of you using the metric system 4.535923700000001 kgs :lol:

    The first set of E76's I bought off of vortex were the wrong offset, so rather then screw around trying to make them work I bought a complete set of 5 new E76's from BBS.

    I had to ship the inner barrells, there wasn't enough room for all the wheel parts to fit in the car......

    These got dropped off the other day, all I can say is someone screwed up.......
    Not with the parts but with the delivery :lol:

    Now I have all the pieces, but looks like I have lots of polishing to do

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    Doing lots of polishing....
    Put one together, just to see what they are going to look like.
    Still looking for the proper center caps.......


    Doing lots of polishing over the last few days....
    Put one together, just to see what they are going to look like.
    Still looking for the proper center caps.......


    Used these.......

    to install these........

    replacing these......

    Trying to decide what caps to run on them......

    Spent the past few days polishing and waxing it, after 5 months in winter storage.
    Today I ordered new centers for the wheels, picked up a few more parts for it and started polishing the valve cover......

    Finished building the spare wheel and mounting the tire..........
    Now I just have to wait for the center caps and wheel locks......

    These are brand new 15 inch wheels. The other set I bought were used 14's that were rebuilt, I have put them for sale.
    The E76's can be made into anything from 13" to 15"

    Replaced my nuts with acorns...... :lol:

    Started to make a plate for the spare tire well......

    some better pics of the wheels......

    Just found these pics from the eurotuner article online......

    Bit of a write up in Eurotuner, for those that haven't seen it...........

    new center caps arrived today......
    off to machine shop tomorrow.....
    they are a 54mm cap and I need 52mm, I knew this when I ordered them, but they were one of the better caps I could find.
    Billet aluminum and mount with set screws.

    Got the centers back from the machine shop, fit perfect

    Also found a spot to store my 4 extra wheel locks, on my spare :lol:

    KW V2's showed up today

    KW's are on, flange seals are done............

    Just purchased a custom cover from in these colours, to help keep it clean

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    Some new window seals arrived from the motherland.....
    Took some searching to find them, a lot of places list them, till you actually try and buy them, then they have no stock and are NLA.

    I did some more plating and stripped a few other parts and did them over......

    more plating, detailing engine compartment.......

    cleaning up the calipers..........

    Went to replace the rear window seal and found a little rust hiding under the seal......
    so off the hatch came, and it was fixed and painted.......

    doing more detailing............
    one week left :mrgreen:

    Some pics from Waterfest 18 I have found online........ of the POS ( I am mad at it ) :lol:

    The next shot is the car sitting in KW's booth on Saturday, they mentioned the car drew so much attention and people into the booth
    that they wanted it for Sunday also, but it was there for Saturday only......

    just found this shot.......
    best shot I have seen of the bunny so far.......

    found something rarer then rare that I have been looking for, finally found a set..........

    Picked up this retro looking radio, with lots of cool features usb input, cd controller, etc.
    looks like an old dial display but changes to lcd when powered up....

    Thanks for the comments.....

    Just about to go in for the winter, might go for a drive tomorrow and get some video footage beforehand, depending on the weather.....

    engine compartment will look totally different by spring.

    alternator ready to go back on....

    Installed my custom autosound radio, complete with usb.....

    Received photos yesterday from the topdawg event at H20 2011.
    I have been patiently waiting to see them and well worth the wait

    Photoshoot was done by

    Started stripping the engine and bay down, ready to drop the engine and trans out, everything will be getting polished, plated, painted or powder coated .

    From this .....

    To this ....

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    One word: Nice

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    This is something else!! WOW

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    this is absolutely brilliant so much rare! credit to you

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    Wow some amazing attention to detail.... Looks fantastic...

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    Thank you for all the comments

    This is all I got for next spring so far.....

    I might pull the engine and spray the engine bay, it is still original paint, but looking old and faded with a few scratches here and there.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobug View Post
    Thank you for all the comments

    This is all I got for next spring so far.....

    I might pull the engine and spray the engine bay, it is still original paint, but looking old and faded with a few scratches here and there.....

    Yes,was thinking how rough it looks

    Stunning Mk1,modifications so subtle and well worked out,all credit to you

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    Lovely, lovely work - but why the big side repeaters and reflectors - needs something more subtle to make it perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickw View Post
    Lovely, lovely work - but why the big side repeaters and reflectors - needs something more subtle to make it perfect
    Those are the stock marker lights here in North America, those are new NOS markers I put on it, the screw holes for the marker lights don't make it easy to put anything smaller on,
    I did not want to do any welding or custom fab work on it, so stuck with the OE markers.

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    Fair enough - its a fabulous motor

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    That's a fantastic build thread and an awesome looking car !

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    That's is stunning hats off to you

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