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Thread: Contacting "Al or Just Caddys"

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    Contacting "Al or Just Caddys"

    Can you please make sure that any communication regarding Just Caddys or our products is sent via our contact form in the shop

    Thank you for understanding that this forum is not my place of work!

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    Just a friendly reminder.

    I have deliberately left my inbox full so please do not attempt to contact me through it as you will be wasting your time! If you need to contact me then read below for the most suitable solution:

    1. If you want technical info or advise on conversions or what not, please start a new thread on the forum and ask in the relevant section as I dont have the time to answer all the questions that I am asked, nor do I have all the answers! PLUS this is why the forum is here! There are plenty of other knowledgible people on here that can help, and I will always chip in if im online.

    2. If it is regarding "Retrofication" or "Just Caddys" products or their fitment, then please use the contact us section in the shop ANY HOW DO I questions will be ignored!

    3. If you have problems with other members on this site please use the contact us section

    4. If you have registration problems or and other technical issues regarding this website then again please use the contact us section

    Thank you

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