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Thread: MK2 Caddy/Inca Van FAQ's

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    MK2 Caddy/Inca Van FAQ's

    A lot of common questions keep coming up so I will add any usefull infomation here as I get it

    If you have any ideas to what I can add PM or have some usefull pics then me

    Chassis Type = 9K

    • This A03 chassis was derived from the 6K Polo Classic & SEAT Ibiza & Cordoba Models.
    • In production from 1995-2004

    External Factory Colours
    Tornado Red - LY3D
    Flash Red - LP3G
    Black L041
    Met Grey (Silver)
    Indian Blue -
    Ice Blue
    Candy White
    Green ???
    Met Blue ???
    Met Red ???

    To find the paint code on you van, it will be placed on the rear quarter panel on the left as you look in the doors (this may be covered by ply lining, if so ring you local VW aftersales dept and give them your

    Engines Types & identification

    1.4ltr Petrol - 60bhp - Code AEX & APQ

    1.9 Diesel - Engine Code 1Y - 64bhp
    This engine was also fitted to the MK3 Golf/Vento
    Identifiable by having and Accelerator cable, fitted to '95/96 model vans

    1.9 SDI Diesel - Engine Code AEY pre '99 - AYQ post 99 - 64bhp
    AEY Identifiable by the smaller plastic engine cover, tin rocker cover & sump, airfilter on the left as you look at the engine.
    AYQ Identifiable by the large plastic engine cover, alloy rocker cover & sump, also the airfilter is to the right as you look at the engine.

    The later AYQ also uses a 020 based Hydraulic clutch opperated gearbox as used in MK4 Golfs/Bora's & Skoda Octavia's

    Both the above engines are "drive by wire"


    AYQ (without engine cover)

    1.9 TDI - Turbo Diesel - Engine codes 1Z - AHU - ALH - 90bhp
    1Z Early TDI engine 1995/6 same as fitted to the MK3 Golf, tin rocker cover & sump, airfilter to left as you look at the engine
    AHU 1996-99 also fitted to MK3 Golfs & SEAT Ibizas/Cordobas, tin rocker cover & sump, airfilter to left
    ALH 1999> Identifiable by its alloy rocker cover & sump, air filter to the right, same engine as fitted to 90bhp MK4 Golfs, Bora's & Ocatvia's

    Caddy vs Inca Differences

    Most parts are the same or interchangable, but some notable differences are:

    • Bumpers
    • Headlamps
    • Grill
    • Seats
    • Steering Column (Caddy is height adjustable)
    • Instrument illumination (Caddy - Green vs Inca - Red)

    Interchangable parts from other vehicles

    From the the front seats forwards the Caddy and Inca share virtually the same parts as the following:

    • Polo Classic Saloon 1996-2001
    • Polo Classic Estate 1996-2001
    • SEAT Ibiza 1994-1999
    • SEAT Cordoba 1995-1999

    This includes body panels (4 & 5 door Only) & Interior trim

    Also it is possible to fit the SEAT Ibiza/Cordoba 2000 -2003 Front end panels


    From factory the Caddy/Inca has 256mm vented discs up front and drums on the rear regardless of engine. Along with a 9" Servo and 22mm Master Cylinder.

    An easy upgrade is to upgrade the front discs to 280mm. The discs to use are Corrado g60 or Ibiza/Cordoba 16v/Cupra. But for this you work, you will also need the Lucas or Girling front Calipers & their Carrierss from one of the following:

    MK3 Golf GTi / VR6 (1992- Early 1995) (Caliper & Carriers only)
    Corrado VR6 (Calipers & Carriers only) All years
    Corrado G60 (Complete setup)
    Ibiza/Cordoba 2.0 16v & Cupra (complete setup)

    The r drums are up to the job of most performance upgrades, but if you are like me and prefer the simplicity & realiabilty of discs then this can be done if you are competant enough.

    The job will be slightly different depending on on your rear axle type, but the mods are the same!

    All rear disc stub axles use the Car derrived bolt patten which is 4 M10 bolts. The early vans use 6x M8 bolts and the later one 4x M10 (although differnt from all the cars). So you will need to weld the original holes up and drill & re-tap the axle ends.

    The early MK2/3 Golf generation setups use the 6xM8 stub axle, if you want to use the later MK4 gen setup, then you will need to get the parts from a 1999-2001 Ibiza Cupra Turbo

    Once its all fitted up you will then need to space the inner handbrake cables, you can cobble something up yourself, Or I sell bespoke iitems in the Caddy Shop

    5 Stud Conversion

    Im often asked if this can be done! Answer is yes it can, quite easily in fact but there are different routes to achieve the same goal.


    You can bolt the complete front end onto a caddy from either a MK3 Golf GTi or VR6, a VR6 Corrado or a SEAT Toledo GTi. The parts you will need are:

    • TCA's
    • Driveshafts complete
    • Anti roll bar & Links
    • Hubs (wheel bearing carriers)
    • Brakes Complete


    Early vans with the 6xM8 bolts on the stub axle, you will have no choice but to convert to discs as described above using 5x100 discs.

    If you have the later axle with the 4xM10 bolts, then you can just purchace Skoda Octavia rear drums and and MK4 generation wheel bearing with 5x100 hubs


    I can supply you bespoke 5x100 hubs for this conversion that utilise the original driveshafts. Either 256 or 280mm discs will need re-drilling to 5x100

    You can also machine VR6 hubs, but you will then need to fit VR6 outer CV joints to your driveshafts

    Popular Engine Conversions

    TD (AAZ) & TDI (1Z & AHU)

    Tom9's 1Z TDI

    2.0 16v (ABF)

    Elmo's Valver Van


    Caddy Vantastics "GSF" Van


    Al's VR6 "Probably"


    Al's 1.8T 20v

    Buyers Guide
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