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Thread: Caddy Haynes Manual

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    Caddy Haynes Manual

    Hi There,
    I'm having trouble finding a manual for my D reg '87 rabbit pickup.

    Someone has suggested manual number 0451 (1978-84)
    But this is for the mk1 golf and jetta diesel up to 'A' Reg.

    Can anyone lend support to our quest?

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    look for a Bentley significantly more informative than a Haynes "VW Part # LPV 800 104" note this part # is 80 through 84 Gasoline US version.

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    The haynes manual you mention is the closest you will find.
    The caddy is basically a mk1 golf with a flat bed and rear leaf springs.
    The manual you mention has got sufficient pictures and details of caddy leaf springs and exhaust stuff (the only major components that are different.).
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    Don't they use Bentley's across the pond, Or did they just not release them for a diesel 'A' Reg? The Haynes I've seen don't compare to a Bentley.

    Which leads me to the question, what is the significance of "*" Reg?

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    the "*" reg denotes which year/s it was registered/sold. example "D" reg is 1986/87 running from sep86 to end of aug87 (i think thats right for d reg if not feel free to put me right )

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