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Thread: Flipped Rear Axle Exchange Program & Lowering Service (UK Only)

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    Flipped Rear Axle Exchange Program & Lowering Service (UK Only)

    This program is designed for those who do not have the equipment, know how to carry out the modifications to the rear axle to enable the axle to be flipped thus lowering the rear end approx 110mm

    Traditionally the "axle flip" is recognised as the best way of lowering the rear of the Caddy, due to the design of the rear suspension the downside is that when the axle is re-located the it inevitably locates the axle further forwards than it was before!

    The solution to this, is a specifically designed spring saddle mount which compensates for the flip, with this the wheel sits more natural in the wheel arch and reduces the chances of rubbing

    How it will work

    1. This is going to be on a part exchange basis, so you will have to provide me your axle in advance, which must be in a serviceable condition.

    2. You can either post your BARE axle removed of all hubs, brake pipes etc. to me by recorded delivery, or you can deliver it to myself in person, which is in the Maidstone, Kent area.


    Modified Axle £80.00 P/X only

    NEW U-Bolts Can be purchaced from this site if needed HERE as it is common for them to snap

    Snapped stud removal (end plate) £10 for each removal. Again another common problem when dismantling

    Postage & Packaging, recorded & insured £15.00


    a) The original spring saddles with be left on the axle so it can be put back to std height any time (MK1 Caddy Only)

    b) When flipping your axle, the brake compensator mechanism WILL NOT work unless the mod is also carried out, I will need to know if your axle has the compensator prior to the exchange

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    Want your Caddy lowered but dont have the time or facilities to do it yourself how about a drive in drive out service to completely lower your Pickup or Van

    MK1 Pickup & MK2 Van (Inc SEAT) Axle Flip Service (100 -120mm Drop, dependant on model)


    • Flipped Axle
    • Coilovers
    • Suspension Top Mounts
    • Labour, for complete drive in drive out service

    £370 all in


    • Shorter rear dampers £50 (Fitted)
    • Lowering Blocks & U-Bolts £40 (Fitted***)

    *** Please Note: The rear axle cannot be offset when lowering blocks are used! ***

    MK1 Pickup & MK2 Van (Inc SEAT) Drop Plate Service (80mm drop)


    • Drop Plates
    • Coilovers
    • Suspension Top Mounts
    • Labour, for complete drive in drive out service

    £320 all in

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need atleast 16" rims for the plates to work on the 9K vans

    PM me, or mail me at
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