So my girlfriend's truck was stalling out today. She has been running biodiesel recently, but switched back to regular diesel. Not sure if this is related or not, but figure it is worth mentioning.
She called me and said the truck was running really rough, and then stalled out. After a few minuted she got running again and was able to get it in her garage. I have been thinking the fuel filter might need a change, and the symptoms really reeked of a fuel problem. So I stopped at NAPA and picked up a fuel filter and went down to check it out. When I opened the hood and checked the fuel filter I could see fuel leaking out the top. Changed the filter, and boom, problem solved. I have no idea the last time the old filter had been changed, it looked old.
Just thought I would share a quick problem/solution scenario.
Now I just have to change all the fuel lines and the truck should be able to run on BD again.