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Thread: Classifieds RULES (please read)

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    Classifieds RULES (please read)

    The following rules must be adhered to at all times if you wish to use this service, failure to do so will result it your Ad(s) being deleted. Continual abuse of the classifieds will result termination of membership and IP address blocked from the site.

    Before you place any ad's make sure you have completed the area you live in, in your profile, there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where you are!

    Titles must be CLEAR of what you are selling, NOT "look at this" type of title type exactly what you have for sale or want.

    If the Ad is for parts be clear whether you will post/ship nationally or internationally

    No "Commercial", "profitable" or "group buy" Advertisements permitted, any ad's deemed to be of a business or profitable nature will be deleted unless agreed with us prior to the ad. being placed. Repeat offenders will have their membership revoked.

    Only VAG vehicles to be advertised, any other manufacturer of vehicle will be deleted!


    1) its is your own vehicle
    2)You are offering it for a P/X or swap either way

    6. PRICING ALL classified ads MUST have a price for the goods that are for sale, anyone listing goods with "offers" will find them deleted. NO PRICE NO AD!

    7. Do not spam the classifieds listings, if you don't like what the seller is selling, or the price then keep it to yourself, im sure they are not interested in your negative opinions!
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