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by Al Published on 11-02-2007 06:31 PM
AT YOUR OWN RISK… will take no responsibility in your workmanship. If you are in doubt then get a professional to do this work for you. Even better get me to do it ;) This how to, will presume you are competent with spanners and can weld or have somebody on hand to do the...
by Al Published on 14-05-2004 08:42 PM
Submitted by "Kevlar" as taken from the "The Golf Magazine" May 2003
by Tiz Published on 15-08-2007 08:29 PM
Right, to my knowledge one of these has always been asked for but never done. Sepia kid just asked me to make a quick guide for him so i thought i would write this up for everybody. It was about 6 months ago when i did this but to my knowledge i have listed all the information needed below. If...
by Al Published on 23-06-2004 08:51 PM
Not so much a "How To" but more of an insight to bigger brakes that can be modified to fit your Caddy's Front 239mm for use with 13" + wheel rims This is the Std factory Caddy front disc size in NON vented guise, to make them more efficient you can fit MK1 GTi vented discs a...
by Al Published on 23-04-2005 05:06 PM
This installation uses your original (OEM) window regulators, and the motors from any VW from the "Caddy" era. It took me about an hour to suss out the first regulator, the second one took less than 10 minutes. All pics are of the UK passenger mechanism. 1. Drill out the 4 rivets h...
by Al Published on 18-06-2004 04:52 PM
Note: This topic is based on installing height adjustable leather seats from a 1997 VR6 Golf 3 Door into your Caddy, although all other MK3 seats will be a similar operation to fit. I WILL NOT be going into detail on removing & fitting the seats from your vehicle, frankly if you need...
by pre67 Published on 12-12-2007 11:31 PM
Here's what where gonna use to get rid of all that rust - cheap vinega:p Cheap parts washer! 32ltr container cost £2.99 at a local hardware store. Then, place the rusted parts in the container. Cover with plenty of vinegar and leave to soak overnight. Scrub with a plastic or wire brush.
by Al Published on 21-08-2003 06:06 AM
Submitted by Admin This is a question which pops up often on a lot of VW forums, so I thought I would try to put something into black and white for all to see:) First off, what I am about to say is based on the European spec Caddy as I am not familier with the US built truck, although the...
by P4ulo Published on 12-10-2006 08:43 PM
Here is the long promised wheel polishing guide. (P4ulo-inc. accept no responsibility for any serious damage to wheels, fingers, eyes and machinery used in this guide!!) Right. First of all, (stating the obvious) you need to have some alloy wheels. You cannot do this process to steel wheels....
by Mk1 Published on 01-05-2008 09:47 PM
Right, I did this a little while ago and only just got around to writing it up. Tools and equipment; 2 Porsche seats 2 Mk1/2 VW Subframes for Cobra Bucket seats (mine were Demon Tweeks 07927 handed) 5mm Allan key 10 and 13mm spanner Drill with 2 and 5mm drill bits A pair of pliers and a.....
by sitrials Published on 20-10-2008 01:19 AM
Time: 1 week (approx 24hrs) Tools Required: MIG Welder Spanners, Sockets, Ratchets 90Degree Angle Clamps (x4 preferably) Angle Grinder (cutting discs and flap wheels) Hack Saw Mitre Saw
by macetheace Published on 23-06-2009 11:01 PM
Thought I'd finally put this all together. Al can you move to "how to section" You'll need - 2 pairs of rear lights Drill Small cutting disc (like a dremel) Heat Gun Clear silicone
by pre67 Published on 05-08-2008 10:42 PM
converting a gti injection head to run carbs right this is a 1.8 gti head this is haw you block of the injectors start buy removing the the brass inserts with a large allen key ones removed all the brass inserts then remove all the red plastic bits held down by the brass inserts ...
by regcheeseman Published on 31-01-2010 09:35 PM
The pictures are all of the turbo pump but the NA is a simpler pump and the gov will be the same or very similar. The AAZ pump; there are at least three variants of this pump distinguished by the LDA or lack of it - basically if it has a domed top it's good, a flat top or no LDA is not so good......
by DubMonkey Published on 25-01-2010 11:45 AM
There seems to be a bit (a lot:D) of uncertainty around the 100mm vs. 90mm. I've just fitted my 100mm driveshafts so I'm going to try and clear a few things up. Cos I'm nice like that. Why am I not using the original caddy driveshafts?? The gearbox I am using is an CDA code which came...
by minty Published on 31-12-2009 12:44 PM
This is how I straightened out my tailgate, very effective and cheap to make. Use at least 50x50mm box section or 50x50x 6mm angle, 12mm screwed rod and25mm flat bar.make the uprights at least 100mm, I drilled 5 holes about 150mm apart but only used 3 of them to straighten my tailgate, weld the.....
by Ziggy253 Published on 18-03-2010 01:45 AM
HOW TO: Notch Your Chassis Legs Tools for the job: Die grinder with a cut off wheel Carbide burrs ( asssorted ) Sawzall or Small airsaw Ruler or Tape measure Card stock for template Angle grinder with sanding disc
by rusty_nuts Published on 07-10-2011 07:28 PM
As far as headlining install's go, the Mk1 Caddy is a pretty painless task. Here's my approach to give you some idea as to whats involved. First off you will require: * Shiny new headliner * The original rods, or a 300cm length of 3mm steel rod to make your own. I actually prefer to...
by DubMonkey Published on 14-08-2009 07:34 PM
This is intended as a guide only, it's not the definitive way to do it, just how I did it. Click the pics to open a larger pic in a new window. Any modifications to your seats are done at your own risk niether I nor will be held responsible for your actions! OK Tools you'll....
by m6m62 Published on 11-11-2009 09:11 PM
Mk1 ‘Lights left on’ buzzer mod for pre-'89 fuseboxes Someone else posted up a thread about the plug-in relay mod for the late (post '89) fuseboxes. However, after messing about with the relay and wiring for a bit I've got it working on the earlier fuseboxes I’m not an auto electrician by...
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