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18-05-2006, 01:01 PM
Morning Ya'll (Yes some ppl do say that down here in Texas. Lol)

With the soaring Fuel prices and being currently without a 4 wheel means of transport I'm planing to go look at a 81 VW Caddy listed in the paper. Any info on what to look out for and what can be a deal buster will be appreciated.

Know info from owner via phone.

1.6 deasl (Turbo?)
AC inoperative.
80k miles.
Need paint job.
Is currently Tagged and Inspected.


PS; Just off the top,
Average MPG?
Average highway speed? While I usually drive urban streets the occasional venture to the freeway is in the works and if I can't get atleast 60 MPH I would be in trouble.
How about long trip's? I have a 800 mile trip I take to visit my mom twice a year.

Thanks Again

18-05-2006, 06:08 PM
Hi Adalskuli, welcome to the forum!

Here is some advice that I gave on a similar question regarding what to look/ lookout for when going to get that caddy.

The only thing that you might want to do (extra caution) besides looking at the normal pre buy stuff is have a local shop that has the equip do a compression test. If you are getting the pickup for dirt cheap then you might not care so much about this. The other common diesel rabbit stuff to go bad/ to look for-
glow plugs
CV boots/ joints (not as much as the boots)
strut bearings
wheel bearings (make noise when bad)
back up light switch on tranny (no back up lights)
shift linkage bushings (sloppy/hard shifting)
thermostat -mine has gotten stuck open, not a big deal
passenger side engine mount (rubber) I guess this is driver side UK
windshield wash pump/relay
I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff but really if you have oil and a good timing belt then the things are pretty bullet proof. All parts are cheap too. Hope this helps.

On your specific questions-

The pickup shouldn't have a TD unless one's been swapped in.

MPG of course has many variables, but 40 is probably a good starting point.

60 MPH shouldn't be much of a problem. I'm usually going about 68 with my 1.6. If it is a 4 speed you won't want to go much over 63 (3500rpm) with the noise though.

Long trips are going to depend on the condition of the vehicle, how you feel about dealing with any problems that might arise on the go, etc etc. Darth Garry has driven his across the country twice now, I just got back from a quick 500 mile road trip, but if the thing has problems, on the road is when you'll find out right? Murphys law and all that. ;)

Hope this helps, and again, welcome! :cheers:

21-05-2006, 03:15 AM
Thanks Mortskeg,

Went to see the Caddy this morning, Guy sold it thirty min before I got there. Grrrrrlol. But still looking. If anyone knows of a Caddy in the North Texas area for sell shout out.

Thanks Again