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19-04-2006, 12:21 PM
Hi one and all ive finally taken the leap and bought myself a Skoda Caddy pick up truck.
I have been looking for ages for the right one after veiwing many which were obviously workhorses for many yaers i finally opted for a 98 model on a p plate with full truckman top and a dismountable motorhome that sits on the back of it and actually looks and drives very well considering the motorhome part was never made for this vechile in the start, it is manufactured by Remus motorhomes and is a fully fledges 3 beth motorhome which can with a bit of a struggle be dismounted from the back of the pick up, it comes complete with double glazing 3 beths a cooker, fridge and full electic hook up etc and the usual lights and washing facilities onboard.
The truck itself is as i say a 98 model having covered 149.000 miles it has already done not to bad but there is more to come.
I intend to get the engine a total overhaul, new timing belt, a decoke etc and any and all parts required replaced with new, having covered this ammount of miles i feel it deserves a bit of attention now and we intend to bring it back to its former glory.
What we intend is that this truck as unusual as it is deserves to have some care lavished on it as it will make a great versitile wagon when it is completed.
The problems known about so far include the following .
It is soaking wet in the cab floor area which i think is coming from the front window seal at the top edge which looks kind of iffy, is this a common fault or do the leak into the floorpans from anywhere else i havent found yet as water ingress can be so hard to trace so hopefully having the screen taken out and a new rubber put in will rectify this problem.
The bodywork on the whole whilst having ahs inumerable resprays over its life time appears to be in not to bad condition requiring only a decent respay we hope to make good of it, as is the case with the matching truckman top a decent respray should sort that out.
What i do need to source for the bodywork is the front tow eye cover from the bodykit as it looks naff without it any suggestions where i might get one from ????
I will post some pictures of it shortly once ive had a chance to take some as the weathers awful up here just now.
Speak soon

19-04-2006, 10:45 PM

the windscreen seals leak like a sieve!!!!
There are hundreds of people on various Skoda websites who talk about this, and even I suffer from it.
The windscreen seal is prone to shite getting underneath it,
which makes it leak.
Most people get the screen out,
and get a pro screen company to refit it,
with tons of sealant pumped in it for good measure.

Good luck,
and show us some pictures of your camper top,
it sounds very cool!!!!

22-04-2006, 01:59 PM
Cheers mate for the inspiriation its appriciated, your remedy is what i had thought of anyway.
Any idea how much it would cost to get the window removed and refitted ? thus hopefully eliminating the leak and thus dring out the truck as it is starting to spell rather off putting now

22-04-2006, 09:05 PM
But, as this is a really common fault,
I'm sure your local Windscreen specialist will be familiar with the problem!!