View Full Version : new guy i8urmp3. 1980 caddy diesel

10-04-2006, 11:37 PM
I have found my next project car. Only after looking at this forum I am thinking that I might be just a little late for new ideas. (Understatement of the day.)

Is this little diesel motor even worth keeping for a little while? Or should I just gut the caddy and put something else in it.
Any info on diesels at the moment would be really appreciated.

it's nice to find a site for people interested in things other than smoking crack.
Or maybe I could stay up all night rotating the air in my tires like my neighbors.

Ok maybe life isn't that bad. I am looking forward to going through some frustration with my new project and hopefully learning some things from a couple of you who have already played out what I'll be doing. Maybe I should start keeping a photo log of my work.