View Full Version : PLEASE READ: Regarding the "bots" that spam this website

24-07-2017, 01:51 PM
Yes they are friggin annoying!

But on top of that they are detrimental to this website as the bad links cause the following problems:

1. Our links are banned from social media pages inc facebook (our FB page is currently banned because of this)
2. We show as "unsafe" on all anti virus software
3. We show as "unsafe" on mobile apps
4. It has destroyed our google rating which had taken 14 years to get where it was :bh

SO... Until this is sorted can anyone please who see's this spam in any threads please notify me so that I can delete, so we can start to recover from the above (like the one I deleted from the happy thread today). AND please dont just comment on it and dont tell me as thats more fecking work I dont need and just adds to the issue :rolleyes:.

Thank you

Al :td