View Full Version : Anyone in my parts of the world?

17-11-2005, 06:42 PM

Should be going to see a few caddys in the next week or so, so hopefully find a keeper!! Anyone on here based around Heathrow area? As i will more than likely need to pick a few brains!

Nice to meet u all, i can feel another project addiction coming on.. lol


18-11-2005, 01:05 PM
Welcome Pal!

I am based about 15 miles south of Guildford, which is not far from Heathrow...I pass it when take the Caddy to ACES Cafe.

Dub Monkey (Jim) lives in Guildford

Big VR (Kev) and Admin Al live a few junctions fruther round the M25

Amit, Paul and Dub Ha8 (Jay) are all within easy reach distance too.

I have seen Franx at ACES so she cant live far away....

I hope I havent missed too many out.

It is worth putting your town in the profile so it shows with your post...it will help in future.