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10-11-2005, 05:22 AM
Hi All..

I'm going to be buying THIS sweetheart in the next few weeks.. Needs a new battery, that the current owner is going to throw in, as it needs to start to leave where it's at.. :) He's a farmer, and is just busy as hell right now. I've got my own stuff going on, so I'm not in a helbent hurry either.

It, as you may have guessed by the 'diesel pickup' stripe IS a diesel..

Not bad shape for an '82 in Ohio.. Both doors would need replaced to make her perfect (rust perforation).. The body otherwise seems VERY clean/straight. The bed and front strut towers look excellent. It's currently owned by a cousin of mine, who's had it about 4-5 years. 157,000 miles on the odometer.. He wants $1500, which, looking at the prices these beasts command on ebay doesn't seem astronomical..

The interior also isn't horrible.. The drivers seat has a small rip in it, as does the drivers carpet.. The headliner is a hunk of trash, that would benefit from removal.. The duct tape doesn't 'work' in this interior.. :) Is there a good reproduction headliner kit-- has anyone installed one?? Is the roof too horrible to not have a headliner?? My F150 doesn't have one.. Just steel. :)

It will need a set of tires, the battery already mentioned, and I'd like to replace the timing belt-- only because I don't have ANY desire at ALL to have the darn thing fail.. I also want to upgrade the headlights, from the sealed beam halogens to something I can stick an H4 in... It has a 'bumper hitch' and if it's not already wired, I'll probably add trailer wiring.. I'd like a cap on the bed, but I'm getting resistance from my girlfriend because she doesn't like the 'look' of them.. I'll probably go for a 'rhino liner' type spray in, when I repaint it (maybe next spring...) Were these a 'factory' stripe and two-tone? If so, is there a company that makes 'reproduction' or has NOS stripes??

The goal is to run B100 homebrewed (by me) biodiesel in it.. Nope, I don't currently have a 'reactor' built.. I'm getting parts for that too...

I'm having problems getting the Manage Attachments deal to work.. I'm going to try it one more time tonight, before I turn in..

I've 'shrunk' the picture to 640x480, and decreased the jpg resolution.. So far, no dice..

It appears to load, then the window goes blank, and doesn't recover.. I've got a wireless card, and the transmit light isn't going anymore.. :(

SO.. I guess I'll deal with that later..

Thanks for running such a great board.. I have the feeling I'll be spending a LOT of time here in the coming months (and HOPEFULLY years!) here!


10-11-2005, 05:38 AM
Hi ajrn,
Looking forward to the photo. To answer some of your questions (to the best of my knowledge)
-There is a good headliner kit- I call it remove the old from the cardboard, find a matching color vinyl or whatever you want at the fabric store, and spray adheasive (3M) it back on. The roof itself is not horrible; however, it probably is not compleatly painted (mine wasn't) also it will be louder without it and you'll have a nice hollow echo sound when you shut the doors. But you can get by without one.
-I'd have to side with your girlfriend there- the pickup looks better (IMHO) without the cap, but I keep mine handy (hanging from the garage ceiling) for when I need it. It has proved invaluable on many occasions and don't have to look too bad if you get creative with color matched paint etc.
-Can't see the stripes yet but if you can measure/photograph the old ones before removal you should be able to have a vinyl sticker/sign co make them up on thier machine.
-Good for you with the B100. I just replaced my fuel hose with compatable and have been running a 10% blend for some time but want to look into what seals in the pump need to be replaced before running 100.

Try signing up for a free photo hosting website like photobucket.com I use it and it's a pretty easy deal.

Welcome to the forum!

10-11-2005, 05:50 AM
Mortskeg (think I spelled that right)

Thanks... I've read half a million of your posts-- looks like you know the beast well... :thumbs_up How hard is the timing belt replacement?? I bought the tensioner today, and am going to most likely order the belt (gatorback) from Autozone.. Even if the one there was replaced-- it was probably 5 years ago, and it's likely 'dry..' (they degrade with age, like anything ELSE rubber, right??) :(! I've had tires go south from dry rot on my 76 Ranchero in that time, with maybe 5000 miles to show for it.. (IT's A GAS SUCKING, PIGEON KILLING 460 V-8)

Did you buy the 'kit' for fuel line replacement, or can you "share your knowledge" on what's needed... I've seen a viton pump seal kit for $45 SOMEWHERE (damn I hope I saved that link!) that I will be doing next spring, or whenever I go B100 on her!

I was hoping not to have to go "Martha" on the headliner... Pfft, MAY be no choice.. I'm not sure, as tattered as what I have there is, I'll have much to even pattern from.. I may be wrong-- and it may be a lovely 'snow day' project..

I'm going to photobucket now.. I'll post a few more pics, since I won't be taking server space here.. :bh

Thanks for the 'early' direction...


10-11-2005, 06:21 AM
Yeah, I'd do the same as you- if you don't know the history of the timing belt then it is best to err on the safe side and change it out since the diesel is an interferace engine. On the 8V gas who cares. :D I did do a belt change on my old 1.6d. It is not too difficult provided your pulley bolts etc are not rusted in, but it does take the better part of a day, at least at the rate I work. If your engine is running well and your pump timing is good, you can actually change the belt without retiming it. You'll need something to lock the pump in place (a std sized chapstick fits in the hole, my friend uses a 11mm deep-dish socket if I'm not mistaken) and a piece of flat bar or a file to lock the cam in the #1 TDC position. They sell tools for this but if you have these other things around the house they work just as well. I changed my 1.6 belt this way and it ran well; however, the timing seemed to be a bit different then before, so now if I am going to do a belt change I will also re-time the pump and cam (the cam sprocket unbolts from the actual shaft to move, unlike the gas engines). If you can borrow the pump timing tools or have a friend who has them it is worth it to know that it is dialed in. Plus it runs all sweet.

I followed the chilton's book when I did my timing belt (I didn't have a bently yet) and tightened the belt as it says. Unfortunately 200+ miles down the road the belt stretched far enough so that it slipped and that was it for my 1.6. (Actually I was able to retime it, it ran for a while until engine runaway finally did it in). :cry: I talked to my friend who has been into diesel vw's for years and he says that he pays no attention to that spec- he goes much tighter. I don't know if I perhaps didn't recheck the tightness soon enough, but when I was installing it I pulled the engine though and struck the belt witha mallet like it says so. :i_dont_kn The moral of that story is to make sure your belt is TIGHT.

Fuel line. When I got this 1.5 I replaced the small diameter hoses (between the injectors) with this yellow TYGON stuff they had at the hardware store. I think I read somewhere since then that it is B- compatable. I'd seen where viton is advertised in a kit, thought it to be a little steep. I think the price has actually come down lately, but I was checking out the gtd forum and a fellow there uses urethane fuel hose as apparently it is compatable and has the benefit of being see-though so you know if you have bubbles. So I went down to my local powersports shop and bought 4' of 1/4" and 5' of 5/16" and have been running that in my pickup for about a week. There is still that big rubber hose that goes from the tank to the filler and whatever rubber is in the vent system, in addition to the injection pump so I still have some changin over to do, but I'll probably step the blend ratio up and see what problems I can cause. :D

Good luck.

Oh yeah, the urethane fuel line is $.81/foot. :)

10-11-2005, 06:23 AM
I should have 'cropped' them before uploading.. The detail stinks!


BTW, the term Mistress, is short for "Mechanical Mistress..."

My g/f told me once. "As long as the only things I find you under have tires on them, you'll be fine..." :)

She's an nurse now, and is going to school currently to be a mortician..

...not the kind of woman you want to upset. :p