View Full Version : pre-start oil circulation pump

Guest 007
06-11-2005, 10:51 PM
Am looking to find a way to pump the oil through engine as the glow plugs heat up. Want to do this before starting to cut the early wear as the oil pressure has not built up yet.

Anyone know how I do this? Or, if not at glow plug time, a pump I can turn on to do it before I turn the key & start the glow plugs warming?

07-11-2005, 06:29 AM
What early wear? At 200K I'm still getting the same mpg I got at 50K.

What says ye Mortskeg? @ 300K+


07-11-2005, 10:08 AM
Thinking about it, if you had an oil cooler radiator (like GTi's), you could fit an auxillary pump into one of the lines leading to it. I can't see an easier way without plumbing into the block somehow.

Darth Garry
07-11-2005, 12:14 PM
I really wouldn't consider this a necessity dude. I would still anticipate needing an engine rebuild for some other reason before being due to the wear of not having oil for a second or two. What you could do is crank the engine for a few seconds to build up oil pressure, then fire the glowplugs, then hit the key.

I know some people do put pre-oilers in their turbocharged vehicles. Supposedly they make much more of a difference with those in helping the turbos last longer.


07-11-2005, 10:48 PM
What says ye Mortskeg? @ 300K+
Hey another PDX area member. :td I think you're the first from the 'shoug' :D What's up with all this rain? At least there will be snow in the mt's this year.

Actually at 310,000 my mpg is actually better than what it was at 250,000, but that is probably because I now have a 5 speed and a different engine to boot. ;)

I don't worry too much about the oil circ problem since I have pressure (light out) usually before I'm done cranking or very shortly thereafter. Startup is the hardest time on the engine, but I think that more important than pre-oiling would be to not gun the engine shortly after startup, to avoid big differences in the expasion (due to heat) rates of the piston and cyl walls. But that is just MHO. :)

Guest 007, I could see where you'd maybe want to preoil after an oil change. I try to get a good amount in the filter before screwing it on, but there is still some waiting at idle before pressure is built up. Of course there is some residual oil on the parts so it's not like you're tearing everything apart but if you wanted to take your preventative maint to the next level you could do your oil change, remove the brake vacuum pump, and engage the top of the oil pump with an electric drill to move oil into the filter and throughout the system. This is more of an issue on the td's for the turbo's sake like Garry said, but would save a bit of wear on the na's too I'd guess.

If a normal start is causing a delay in your oil pressure build-up, I'd check to make sure your senders/ gauges are in proper working order, and if you are still having problems check the backlash on the gears in the oilpump. It might be time for a new/rebuilt one.

Hope this helps.