View Full Version : My v5 BOLF (Caddy on its way)

dub warrior2
18-09-2005, 05:19 PM
Hi, thought I should introduce myself as a new member.
Have been into the almighty VW for over 12 years and have owned numerous beetles, campers, corrados and golfs culminating in this -



Its a 2000 v5 golf fitted with a complete Bora front end that I acquired as a free straight swap (same colour too), its been lowered 60mm and fitted with 18" advantage alloys. It has R32 interior trim and a passat w8 interior light, US spec rear lights, etc.

Have recently acquired a caddy for 350 from a mate, but am waiting to get a lock up garage from local council before I take ownership of it.
Caddy is blue and very ratty. It has a knackered diesel engine fitted but for the 350 I am also getting a spare turbo diesel engine to fit.
I am unsure what I will be doing with the caddy as I am torn between building a rat-rod style pick up or building a space frame chassis and fitting a v8 motor and rear wheel drive axle and taking it racing at Santa pod in the summer.

Having spent a fortune on the Golf and worrying about scratching it every day it will be nice to have a ratty project to role round in.
More pics when I get it.

18-09-2005, 05:36 PM
Nice bolf youv got there... a straight swap? so there is a Bora (jetta in the US) driving around woth your front end?

I bought my caddy for the same reasons.. but it getting a little out of control lately :p

dub warrior2
19-09-2005, 12:05 AM
Nah, I'm from the UK.
Yeah its a straight swap. Everything from the A-post forward is Bora.
I found a guy on a golf forum who wanted to do the swap for free. Took 1 hour to sawp all parts over. Very eay swap to do.