View Full Version : Hello fellow Caddy owners, new to the forum

29-08-2005, 01:25 AM
Hello all, my name is Andy I live in Yakima WA, I own a 1981 Caddy that has a 1.6L Rocco motor in it right now. I have future plans to build the Caddy for for drag racing at our local track, plans are to drop a G60 in it, late Cabriolet headlamp set up, new paint job, probably white, wont have much for an interior, as of right now most of it has been gutted out, most likely will go with a cup kit to get the nose down lower to the ground and the back will stay stock to hopefully git rid of some of the weight transfer when leaving the line, for wheels they will be steel, 14X8 front and 15X3 in back, and I will hold on to the wheels that are on it now so if I want I can drive it on the street when it gets done, im guessing it will take a year or two to do the build, for now I just keep it running and driveable till I get my hands on a G60. Well enough about the Caddy and my plans for it, heres a couple of pics of it as it sits right now, its not real pretty at the moment, hope you like.

29-08-2005, 03:54 AM
Andy, welcome to the forum!
It looks like you've already made some decent progress on stripping down the interior. You should find lots of good info on the site about lowering and the different options available as many here have done it to one degree or another. (not me)
Keep us updated on your progress, and again, welcome!