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Mr Brick-Yard
29-07-2005, 10:07 PM
Now then.
Sure I've done this once but I can't find my post so here goes again..
Er, my names Simon, Im used to doing forums like this for T3's, all a bit new, sorry.
As I say, I run a website for T3's, the Brick-Yard, very similar to this, only for Transporters and their derivatives.
So, I put a TDi in my wedge, drove it around for ages and managed to blow the head gasket on the way to the Retro car show last year, I then managed to nurse said van around for 12 month as a daily drive with a few jaunts to Devon thrown in for good measure until I really killed it on the way to BusTypes in Wales earlier this year.
That left me running around in our Golf Cabriolet and in need of transport.
I recently set up a garage in Huddersfield specialising mainly in T3's but I have loads of VW experience and I seem to be fixing a fair amount of other stuff too so a Caddy seemed the obvious choice for new transport.
So, spotted one on E-bay that didn't sell that wasn't too far away so off I went with a few hundred quid in my pocket to go and get it!
Needless to say I bought it, give the screws on the pump a bit of a tweak to liven things up and drove it home.
Got it back, found a few things wrong with it so I set to making it reliable.
New parts included radiator, GTI grooved brake set up, braided hoses (Which I may start selling if anyone is interested?), wheel cylinders, full service, bits of linkage..
List goes on.
It didn't last long at standard ride height, got flipped one saturday afternoon, it was already on BBS rims sans caps with good tyres so that was nice.
Already had MKII Gti seats and steering wheel, got a chin spoiler and some grey indicators, then some opening 1/4's and that will do for my work hack!
It's done 255K and the 1.6D seems to be going strong! for now, 1.9TD planned.
Day after I got it, Truckman first to go!
After lowering.