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21-01-2005, 12:29 AM
new to this great forum, so ill just leave a little story to introduce myself.

as a vw owner all my life and my dad owns a VAG group speaclist garage its the only way to travel. if i didnt he would dis own me for sure.

the ownership timeline starts with:
polo (derby) coupe
polo (derby) coupe
vw superbug - still have
vw caddy - where the love is !
vw lupo - still have

the caddy was the dream car, found one just before christmas last year recent respray, only 30k on clock,full service history.the perfect project starter. then in the january a nissan skyline decideds to drive in to the drivers side rear and proceed to throw my backend out, then im in the direction of oncoming traffic and mess up the fron end.
how gutted was i!
bought lupo to get about and now the caddy has been pulled and new parts all round, painted and ready for the project to begin again. so ill be posting and helping to the best of my ability.
and the guy said it was my fault to top it off, what a fool.
see in the forums

21-01-2005, 12:43 AM
welcome to the forum:). whereabouts are you based? sounds like that truck is lucky to be alive!!![:0]