View Full Version : New caddy owner, loving it, i think?

12-12-2004, 07:02 AM
I recently got the urge to get a diesel caddy and run it on used veggie oil. After hunting around for 4 days, i located and purchased one in NE Pennsylvania. Its a 1981, diesel, 5spd manual, 1.6l i believe. The motor is not original, the first one aparently siezed from having no oil in it.

Im a fairly big guy, it took me a while to figure out how to get IN the truck :)

So i heard these things were slow.. WOW they werent kidding. Fastest i was able to get it was 55 mph, and that was going downhill with a strong wind behind me, in neutral.. Fastest i could get it under its own power was about 40mph... I pissed a lot of people off on the highway.

Now, the guy I bought it from said front right caliper might be stuck, so that might have been slowing me down. I was also carrying 8 wheels, a spare injector pump, a spare head, and god knows what else was back there.

When i bought it it seemed to start easily, now it wont turn over on its own unless i jump it. Im guessing there is a short somewhere draining my battery.

Also when i picked it up both highbeams worked, 1 lowbeam, 1 parking light on the front, 1 turnsignal in the front, 1 & 1 in the back worked. Now, 1 lowbeam works, 1 highbeam works, both front parking lights work, 1 turnsignal works... Hoooray for VW electrical gremlins.

This is my first mrk1, never had a mrk2, so its going to take some getting used to. My first vw was a 98 jetta TDI, then a 67 bug, currently have a 04 PD TDI Golf

Looking forward to getting this thing legal, expect a lot of questions from me in the future :)

12-12-2004, 04:06 PM
once there sorted they pootle along quite well..mine regulary goes off the 88mph clock no sweat..think you might have a few problemos there dude!!