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08-05-2007, 07:40 PM
Hey all,
I'm now officially authorized and also owner of a caddy :D My names Jay, 21 from cheshire. I own a mk1 golf gti (racer project), a 205gti16 (mi16 converted daily), an Audi UR quattro, and now mk1 caddy courtesy of hadley!
I'm going back to uni in september to study my 2yr degree in motorsport technician work..
I need a more practical car rather than my 205 (200bhp/tonne and only two seats) so decided to go with the caddy.. I was down seeing friends at the weekend in newmarket and spoke to hadley about viewing his caddy, bought it there and then but couldn't work out how to get it bk so phoned AA on monday saying cambelts snapped and used my relay cover to get her home :D

Will get some pics up as she only arrived last night on a recovery truck but she's currently sat on axle stands with dash/loom/seats and carpet etc out and engines coming out tomorrow. Going for a full shell respray but unsure on colour, thinking white or nogara blue??

Anyway enough rambling. Hopefully i can learn more on the caddy as it seems similar to mk1 golf but with a few extras :D



Darth Garry
09-05-2007, 12:50 AM
There are some people on this forum with 200bhp, 2000 pound, two seat trucks, you know ;)

Welcome to the forum.